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13 Powerful Nuggets About Life, Love, Heartache & Friendship From Grey's Anatomy

13 Powerful Nuggets About Life, Love, Heartache & Friendship From Grey's Anatomy

Often touted as the medical drama of our generation, for more than 10 years Grey’s Anatomy has bellowed a number of powerful nuggets of advice and motivation regarding life, love, heartache and friendship. As we all await the highly anticipated premiere of season 13, which will air tonight, Sept. 22nd at 8 p.m. EST (7 p.m. CST), I’ve gathered some of the most memorable quotes that encapsulates the dark and twisty moments life has to offer.

“Okay, here it is: your choice. It's simple — her or me — and I'm sure she is really great. But Derek, I love you, in a really, really big pretend-to-like-your-taste-in-music, let-you-eat-the-last-piece-of-cheesecake, hold-a-radio-over-my-head-outside-your-window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. So pick me, choose me, love me.”- Meredith Grey (Season 2, Episode 5) 

“It turns out, sometimes you have to do the wrong thing. Sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. Mistakes are painful, but they’re the only way to find out who you really are.”- Denny Duquette (Season 3, Episode 4)

“Guilt never goes anywhere on its own, it brings its friends - doubt and insecurity. First do no harm, easier said than done. We can take all the oaths in the world, but the fact is, most of us do harm all the time. Sometimes even when we're trying to help, we do more harm than good. And then the guilt rears its ugly head. What you do with that guilt is up to you. We're left with a choice. Either let the guilt throw you back into the behavior that got you into trouble in the first place, or learn from the guilt and do your best to move on.”- Meredith Grey (Season 3, Episode 5) 

“There are times when even the best of us have trouble with commitment and we may be surprised by the commitments we are willing to let slip out of our grasp. Commitments are complicated. We may surprise ourselves at the commitments we’re willing to make. True commitment takes effort and sacrifice which is why sometimes we have to learn the hard way to choose our commitments very carefully.” - Meredith Grey (Season 3, Episode 6)

“So please, don't chase me anymore, unless you're ready to catch me.”- Callie (Season 3, Episode 6)

“At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, it's usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need.” Meredith Grey (Season 3, Episode 10)

“I believe we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.” - Meredith Grey

“You say you're all dark and twisty. It's not a flaw, it's a strength. It makes you who you are.”- Derek Shepard (Season 5, Episode 19)

"The body doesn’t know the difference between nerves and excitement, panic and doubt, the beginning and the end. The body just tells you to get the hell out. Sometimes you ignore it. That’s the reasonable thing to do but sometimes you listen. You’re supposed to trust your gut, right? When your body says run…run." - Meredith Grey (Season 9, Episode 9)

“At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in. Life is messy, that's how we're made. So you can waste your life drawing lines or you can live your life crossing them.” Meredith Grey (Season 1, Episode 2) 

“Pain, you just have to ride it out, hope it goes away on its own, hope the wound that caused it heals. There are no solutions, no easy answers. You just breathe deep and wait for it to subside. Most of the time pain can be managed, but sometimes the pain gets you when you least expect it, hits way below the belt and doesn’t let up. Pain, you just have to fight through, because the truth is you can’t outrun it, and life always makes more.”- Meredith Grey (Season 2, Episode 5)

“Doesn’t matter how tough we are. Trauma always leaves a scar. It follows us home. It changes our lives. Trauma messes everybody up but maybe that’s the point. All the pain and the fear and the crap, maybe going through all that is what keeps us moving forward. It’s what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up before we can step up.” - Alex Karev (Season 5, Episode 18) 

“Too often the thing you want most is the one thing you can’t have. Desire leaves us heartbroken, it wears us out. Desire can wreck your life. But as tough as wanting something can be, the people who suffer the most are those who don’t know what they want.” -Meredith Grey (Season 3, Episode 21)

Written by Nikki Shariee
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