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Here's How to Have Better Sex This #Summer16, Study Says

Here's How to Have Better Sex This #Summer16, Study Says

At The Prim & Perverse we believe that a healthy and rewarding sex life should be everyone's to enjoy. Condoms and sex toys brand Durex subscribe to the same motto, which is why they conducted a survey revealing couples' vacation and holiday 'sexpectations.'

What did Durex discover? Of 2,000 adults who participated, 52 percent said they expect better sex while away on vacation, but 60 percent of those admitted reality did not meet those expectations. Another unsurprising finding, 40 percent of people are less likely to initiate sex if their partner is on their phone in bed and 41 percent admitted nights during the holiday swith their partner can be spent in bed together concentrating on separate phones rather than each other.

Additional findings:

·      Digital distraction' on holiday is negatively affects respondents’ relationships.

·      A quarter admitted that checking phones on holiday can cause arguments. Specifically, 59 percent said they or their partner or both have too much screen time.

·      Respondents felt their relationship suffers as a result.

·      72 respondents even admitted to using phones during sex!

·      42 percent even admitted they share special vacation or holiday moments on social media rather than with their partners (no surprise there)

So how does Durex suggest we combat these stats and engage in more sexcapeds? The obvious answer is to unplug from our mobile devices. To show us that it is indeed possible to put down your devices, Durex invited real couples on a vacation dividing them into couples with and without mobile devices. The results below of the #DoNotDisturb experiment offers every couple around the world a fascinating look at how a tech break can lead to their sexpectations being met. Watch below.

In response to the survey, Dr Sharif Mowlabocus from the Centre of Sexual Dissidence at the University of Sussex conducted accompanying scientific research. He concluded, “Participants expressed a strong belief that a holiday should be about switching off - from work, from home and from social media. However, the hotel bedroom, once a place of intimacy, romance and escape, can at times feel more like a frenzied media centre, as the couple rush to upload photos from the day, check in with friends via messenger apps and scroll through newsfeeds to satisfy their longing for their social networks. Perhaps a solution would be to introduce more boundaries, for example phones in the lobby rather than the bedroom, or a time limit on phone use.”

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