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So You're Dating Your Ex Again? Here's 6 Things You Should Not Do

So You're Dating Your Ex Again? Here's 6 Things You Should Not Do

Here’s the thing about dating an old beau: it should never be taken lightly. It should be entered with caution. Both people should have had an opportunity to grow from past mistakes. Both individuals should have had a significant amount of time to determine whether or not it is worth a second try. If you both concur one another is worth your time and energy once again, things should 100 percent be different.

Here’s six things you both should not do the second time around.

Don’t harbor negative energy from what occurred the first time around. Once you’ve decided to attempt the relationship a second time, you are starting with a clean slate. Absolutely under no circumstance should you relapse into the past.

Lack of communication is a no. We all know communication is essential to every relationship (platonic or romantic), but in the rekindling stages, it is crucial. Communication is what reinforces you both are on the same sentence, on the same page, in the same book this time around. It is imperative both parties articulate feelings every step of the way. Texts should not go ignored, leaving an individual wondering what he or she may have done wrong, if anything at all. That kind of behavior only leads to negative energy.

Don’t seek out an individual if you are not 100 percent sure of what you want. While this should be a major rule we all adhere to prior to entering in any romantic relationship, it should be top priority the second go-round. Fellas and ladies—but mostly fellas—listen up: Do not bait, beckon, lure, seduce or go after an individual if you are not 100 percent certain you are ready to have the individual back in your life. Do not send sweet text messages, have your friends deliver vain words in hopes to be back in the person’s good graces, just to become cold, moody and leave the individual feeling unsure. It’s selfish and callous.

Do not repeat the same mistakes.  One of the most important things you can do for your new courtship with an old lover is to remember what went wrong and NOT repeat the same mistakes.

Do not allow the new courting process to become stagnant. Try new things. While you both may know one another all too well, do not fall back into the same routine. It’s important you and your ex get out and try new things together. Take that baecation, don’t be scared. 

Take it slow, but don’t take it too slow. This rule is a little tricky. You don’t want to rush into things for it to fall apart again. On the contrary, if you’re of a certain age, how much time should one waste? Together, you both should decide on what work best for both of you. It should not be solely decided based on one individual, as that is selfish and leaves one person feeling unheard and unwanted.

Ultimately, make better decisions this time around so your past doesn’t become your future.

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