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Mother Knows Best: Millennials Share the Best Life Advice Their Mother Ever Gave Them

Mother Knows Best: Millennials Share the Best Life Advice Their Mother Ever Gave Them

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to pay homage to the most incredible person in the world—your mother. A mother has to be the closet thing to being superhuman. She not only carries another being for nearly 10 months, but also she feeds, burps, nurture and is responsible for developing an emotionally and physically functional person. If that is not superpowers than I don’t know what is. While our mothers may not often believe we are listening to the jewels they drop, you and I know we are. Our mothers, aunts, Godmothers, and other maternal figures  have shared many pearls of wisdoms over the course of our twentysomething years. What better way to honor these women and reaffirm their advice did not fall on deaf ears, than sharing the best advice our maternal figures have bestowed upon us. With that being said, I complied some of the best words of wisdom my millennial cohorts and I have received from our beloved mothers and mother figures.  

Nikki Tucker, Founder of The Prim & Perverse & Associate Digital Editor at Haute Living magazine, says:

"My mother told me two very valuable advices when it comes to matters of the heart. The first is to never run after a bus, a train or a man. The second, marry the man who loves you more than you love him because he will never leave you. My stepmother always reminds me to never settle and when a man really loves you he will stop at nothing to have you. *Cue 'When a Man Loves a Woman' lol"

Nafeza Kingston Domestic Goddess, Entrepreneur, says: 

"The best advice that I got about life however is from my mentor and though it isn’t geared towered sex and relationships, it helps in any relationship, and that’s: work on yourself first, you cannot make others responsible for your happiness. Fall in love with yourself an everyone else around you will feel the same way."

Christopher Smith, co-founder of be crowned, llc, says:

"When I was in a long distant relationship I told my mother that my girl cheated on me she said, 'Well, what you think? Your thing may be big but it can't stretch from here to there.’"

Nakisha West, Community Manager in Property Management, says:

“My mom always told me to be sexy for your man. Growing up I use to see my mom walking around in thongs and wearing them to bed like its nothing!”

Johnell Smalls, music blogger, says: 

“My mom told me always do what makes you happy, even if it makes me unhappy."

Shavar Lewis, Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager, says:

“I was told to find someone that I can build and grow with, but overall make sure your happy in the process. No ediaat gyal to di ting.”

Sabrina Thomas, Adjunct Professor, says:

"My mother has always emphasized the importance of paying close attention to the mannerism of the individuals you keep close in life, especially in relationships. Like chameleon we sometimes take on their good and bad qualities subconsciously. If the bad outweighs the good, we might be accepting negative energy in our lives that can affect the route in which we are going. She also mentioned date as much as you can, because its fun!!! lol"

Janaye Taylor, Omni Merchandise Assistant at Macy’s, says:

“The best advice I received from my mom was to never compromise myself, my beliefs, or standards for a man and to mind my business.”

Jessica Buck, Writer, says:

“My ma always told me to think a few seconds longer than usual before getting involved with a guy. Think about the person you both are and if the pace of your current evolution looked compatible. This weeded out A LOT of bum ass men that were just good looking with no substance or drive.”

Chad vill, DJ, SAYS:

"My mom told me don't have meaningless sex with women."

kim Ramirez, painter, says:

"My mom said find a man that loves you more than you love him that way you don't get your heart broken."

Imani Bailey, Assistant General Manager, says:

“My mom told me whatever you do, do your best and be the best. If you want to be a garbage man. Be the best damn garbage man there is, while my stepmom said, ‘The answer doesn't matter if you're  not asking the right questions. Be direct always, leave no room for interpretation.’”

Maria Clotter, Digital Ad Operations Associate at iHeart Radio, says:

"The best advice I have ever have received from my mom has been honor your father and your mother and pray to God for a good husband. Not what I'd expect haha."

Samantha Ward, Client Services Coordinator, says:

"My mother told me no matter what, always do your best because you never know who's watching.” 

Dorian Ellerbe, Software Engineer, says:

 “My mom told me to pay yourself first! Save, save, save! Invest your money - take risks while you're young, but also be smrter about long term investment.”


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