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Motherhood Is Not a Death Sentence: Let Kim Live!

In true Kardashian fashion, Kim Kardashian revealed her post-baby body via Instagram in a naked selfie. And of course, the Internet went ablaze. While Kardashian fans celebrated the mother-of-two curves, haters had a lot to say.

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, I can never understand the issue with a mom being sexual and provocative in the way that Kim is. When you have a child is there an automatic agreement that is made that states a woman gives up her power as a sexual being and her rights to flaunt her body as she chooses?

There are a plethora of comments floating around social media that seems to believe so.

One individual commented, “You are a mother now have some respect for your self if not then do it for your kids you a true and living trash grown up.”

Another said, “She's a mother & wife. This is truly sad that she does this, her body is the only thing she has going & most of that isn't real, real sad.”

Here is one more for shits and giggles, “Put on some clothes Kim. You're a mother now.”

Um hello, Kanye married the 35-year-old because she is controversial. In an interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club in 2013, he said, “Kim is Marilyn Monroe. You know that. She was controversial; she's [referring to his now wife] controversial.” Kanye worships his wife’s body and often says he’s “living inside of a dream world.” With that being said, it is safe to conclude he approves of his wife’s naked selfie.

As for Kim being a mother, what is so God awful about a woman who is confident and proud of all her lady lumps. Whether she paid for it or worked really hard to achieve it, it’s her choice to flaunt, may I say, her badass body.

When I asked Nafeza Kingston, my best friend and founder of Peace & Grind, who is also a mother of my adorable Godson, as a mother how does it make her feel when people make comments regarding a mother’s choice to be sexy and flaunt her body she said it best. Kingston said, “I think it's stupid as fuck and very annoying. I don't get why she has to change now that she has given birth. I feel like there is this whole concept of motherhood as a death sentences, and it isn't. We can have children and be layered and sexy. There are no real rules to how you should parent your child. She made her career off her body to feed her family. I respect it.”


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