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 Breaking Up Is Hard So Hire a Breakup Coordinator to Do It For You

Breaking Up Is Hard So Hire a Breakup Coordinator to Do It For You

Ending a relationship is never easy. Whether you are the breaker upper or the individual, who did not see the demise of the relationship coming, there is no way to avoid the awkward and emotionally draining termination. If you are anything like me, you’ll avoid ending the relationship by any means necessary due to fear and anxiety. However, no need to fret. There is a breakup coordinator, who will happily facilitate ending your affairs. Meet Caroline Sinders.

Sinders, who has worked as a researcher, photographer for Harper's Bazaar Russia, Refinery 29, Style.Com, and Hypbeast and a marketing coordinator, held her first workshop in December. Each individual who participated were given a 21-question quiz beforehand that helps define what the user is coming into the session for without getting overly personal. Sinders then gave individuals algorithmic advice based off of their answers. The Prim & Perverse spoke with Sinders via email to get the deets.

What inspired this idea?

Sinders: This idea was inspired by all the research I’ve done into online harassment and algorithms, as well as a recent break up I had with a work place, and then a romantic break up. How do I appear neutral, how do I appear sad, who is reading what and when all inspired this. So much of our digital lives are intertwined through various social media platforms. Think of all the times on a website when we are prompted to sign in using Facebook or Twitter? Our data from those platforms are being fed to other websites, so whatever patterns of our interactions from Facebook (like who we interact with and when) are now being fed to other sites. Motherboard did a great article on how Tinder matches are end up as suggested Facebook friends. So these platforms are feeding into each other. Thus, if you want to remove a group of people from your life, it's more than just blocking someone or unfriending them. It's realizing that all of our social media platforms intersect and that there's context. a photo or an innocuous tweet about how great something is versus something else can be misread or misconstrued by a variety of people. 

Once someone contacts you in regards to your services, how do you move froward?

Sinders: What are the procedures? I do two more sittings at two different galleries. I offer a variety of services, but it all depends upon someone's issue. I can unfriend people, mute people, hold on to cell phone numbers, etc. but I mainly offer advice. I write a lot of emotionally neutral phrases for people to say to other people, how to create boundaries, etc. while in digital spaces. But actual boundaries such as, if you do x thing, and then y thing, this creates this kind of interaction. 

What is your pricing? and what does it entails?

Sinders: The price is currently $10 dollars for 15 minutes but longer periods of time are more pricey. 

How long have you've breaking up with people digitally for?

i just started! But I've been researching digital media and human computer interaction since 2012. 

What has the experience been like?

Sinders: It's been interesting—we offer all kinds of services and most of the use cases have been people needing help removing or breaking up with an old, bad job or romance. But this isn't actually about breaking up with people, it's about breaking up with social media.

What was the worst social media experience you've ever dealt with? 

Sinders: Probably when I was when retweeted by Anita Saarkensian about feminism. I had to block over 60 accounts over three days that were saying a variety of abusive things from questioning my intelligence to suggestions I should never procreate, etc. 

Where can people find you for your services? 

I’m available via Twitter! I can do private, one-on-one sessions for longer but those are more expensive. 

If you're interested in hiring Sinders, you can find her here

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