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The Mythical "Cool" Girlfriend


ˈkül / ˈgərlˌfrend/


  • A mythical creature based on the concept there are women who express a lack of concern for the actions displayed by their boyfriend, husband, etc. More often than not, she does not get upset, speak her feelings and always respond with a certain level of self-control and composure. In other words she’s mute.

Example of Cool Girlfriend:

Male: I went to the club and afterwards brought a group of girls back to the apartment and my girl didn't even trip.

Male's friend: Bro you have a cool girlfriend.


On Saturday, well more like the wee hours of Sunday morning, I was faced with the challenge of being the “cool” girlfriend or expressing the lack of respect, which was displayed. When I called upon my Morehouse brother for some wisdom and advice he responded, “If you would have played it cool and then address the situation later you would have won brownie points.”

I was taken aback. My face was meme worthy. This mythical creature—the cool girlfriend—where the hell does she exist? Who the hell is she? And who was the first woman to ALWAYS have a level of self-control and composure? Is this one of the curses that derived from Eve eating the forbidden fruit? And if so, damn you Eve!

Jokes aside, why is it when a woman is disrespected by her significant other she has to take the high road? And when a man is disrespected he reacts in any way he deems necessary. However,  women are to consider all possible situations.

Fellas, let me serve you a cup of tea. That “cool” girlfriend you so desperately want is considered “cool” because she is no longer phased by your antics. Why you ask? Because another guy aka boyfriend number two works feverishly to make your job easier. He is taking care of her every desires and needs. Boyfriend number two allows her to express emotion and/or sensitivity. Her feelings are validated and she feels acknowledged. In essence, she’s seen and heard.

*Cue Pleasure P's "Boyfriend Number Two*

The “cool” girlfriend is more than likely unhappy or plotting her exit strategy. Sooner or later she’ll become your ex-girlfriend. She’ll be the girl who leaves you perplexed. You will wonder what happened. What did you do wrong? And if you find out about boyfriend number two, which you won’t until she no longer cares about your feelings, you’ll question how your actions pushed her away.

So I ask do you still want a “cool” girlfriend or do you want the girl who is willing to speak up?


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