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Should Ex-Wife of Oil Tycoon Receive a Larger Settlement or Nah? Weigh in After You Read ALL the Facts Below

In November, oil magnate Harold Hamm was ordered to pay ex-wife Sue Ann a total of $995.5 million. Hamm was instructed to pay a third of that by the end of 2014 and the rest in installments of $7 million. Instead, Harold opted to pay the full settlement. It was reported by Reuters, Sue Ann rejected the nearly $1 billion divorce settlement. Her lawyers stated it was inadequate, allowing Harold to keep the bulk of the billions.

For those of you unaware, Harold owns 68 percent of the oil company Continental Resources, Inc., an independent oil producer based in Oklahoma City and the largest leaseholder and producer in the nation's premier oil field.

Yesterday, an image of the alleged divorce settlement check went viral setting social media ablaze. Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God posted an image of the alleged check with the quote, “What do women want??? More!!!!”

The comments ranged from everything such as, “She wants to take all his money and ruin his life” to the infamous Rick Ross lyric, “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.” However, one particular Instagrammer’s response enraged me. He said, “These hoes bring nothing to the table…shitty mothers and wives, no income. Alls they got is p***y. After denying that the only thing this b**** deserves is a bullet in the head.”

Now I am no judge. However, I am not only a blogger, but also an investigative journalist (check my degree). I decided to research Sue Ann and discovered quite a bit. She attended University of Tulsa, where she received her J.D. as well as her B.A. in Economics. Sue Ann also lectures at her alma mater. In her bio you will find she began working in the oil industry in high school. If you skip a few lines, you will read she created and managed natural gas and oil marketing departments for Continental Resources, Inc., where she worked for 17 years. She also created numerous marketing and transportation opportunities for both oil and gas production, among other things (read more about Sue Ann here). I’m no rocket science, but if you ask me it sounds like Sue Ann did quite a lot for her ex-husband’s company.

Sue Ann, who is 56, devoted one-third of her life helping build her husband’s legacy. The couple met while Sue Ann, a lawyer and economist, worked in the legal department. In addition, she held several executive roles at the oil company. So technically fellas she was with him while he was shooting in the gym, so to speak. Also, to that asshole, it’s apparent she had A LOT to bring to the table since she created numerous initiatives that can be attributed to the company’s success. It seems to me she helped (noticed I said helped) made her husband the man he is today, which is a man, according to the Associated Press, estimated to be worth $14 billion (post ruling).

Do I believe she’s bitter? I won’t answer that question because I do not personally know the woman. What I do believe is Sue Ann is a woman who knows her worth and is adamant about it. I mean if you devoted one-third of your life to help build a company wouldn’t you want to settle with what can be viewed as respectively yours?

Now that you have the facts, what do you think Primettes? Was Sue Ann shortchanged? Does she deserve more? I would love to hear from you!


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