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[RECAP] Executive Editor of Juicy Magazine Hangs With the Girls of Tongue N Chic

(L-R) Johnny, Nikki, Novee & Taiia

(L-R) Johnny, Nikki, Novee & Taiia

Tongue N Chic welcomed the lovely Taiia Smart-Young, executive editor of Juicy Magazine and former managing editor of XXL. Taiia is a veteran in the publishing industry having worked at ESSENCEXXL and Juicy magazine. Taiia touched on several topics including working with hip-hop sage Elliott Wilson. The Brooklyn native also discussed her journey of becoming a youth motivational speaker and her newly launched site SmartYoungSpeaker.com.

Novee kicked off her Weekend Wrap-Up with a discussion on Lil Kim’s Breakfast Club appearance featuring Fendi. Of course Johnny, all hail #Barbz, showed no remorse to the Queen Bee or Fendi. However, we all concurred: Fendi should have not cashed the check that Nicki Minaj gave him. Then turn around and ask for more money.

I probed whether or not it’s necessary to compose a social media prenup. I also discussed a new survey that reveal nearly 50 percent of women in the U.K. have a “plan b” also known as a “backup” hubby. The ladies shared their thoughts. Taiia, who is happily married, doesn't believe in a "backup" husband, however, she did shared her story about her “office husband."

Visit Clutch Magazine for the full survey.

We concluded the longest show to date, with Johnny playing a song from Tink and A$AP Rocky. Tink has a way with dropping conversational rap, as stated by Johnny, and she does that on the newest single, “Sounds Good.” We all concurred that was a dope song along with A$AP Rocky’s “Multiply.”

Check out the short recap with Taiia below. Listen to Tongue N Chic every Saturday at 12 p.m. at xtreme104fm.com.


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