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QOTD: Should Women Consult With their Spouse About Any Drastic Physical Changes?

Beyoncé debuted new bangs and of course social media handles went ablaze. Some loved it, while others hated it! Me, personally I love Bey's baby bangs. I'm a retro girl, who still rocks soft finger waves, and her bangs are from the 1950s.

My boyfriend sent me a screen shot of an image of Bey and Jay out on the town in London and jokingly he suggested Jay hates the bangs. It led me to wonder should women—in committed relationships—consult with their spouse when it comes to any sort of drastic physical change. These changes may include haircuts, new hair color, piercings, etc.

I decided to do market research, and by market research I mean I posted a question on Instagram, and noted the responses. No shade, but I realized all the single women said no; there is no need to consult with their partner. The reason being: it's their body and they can do as they please. My married friend said yes you should consult.

My opinion: I absolutely believe if you are in a relationship you should consult with your man. Now hear me out.

If you're in a relationship with someone who you could see yourself possibly marrying, more importantly if you are married, you should consult with your spouse. Men are physical creatures. Usually how they met you is how they would prefer you to stay. For example, if you have long hair and you want to do a major chop you should let your man know and see how he feels about it. More than likely that man’s preference, among other things, is a woman with long tresses. Hello that is probably why you snagged him!

If you’re someone like me who switches it up seasonally, you should express that to your prospect upon meeting him. Let him know you often change your style this way he knows what to expect, if things get serious. I’m not saying don’t be you. However, what I am saying is once you’re in a long-term relationship it is not only about you, but also how your actions affects your partner.

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