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[Love & Hip Hop ATL Recap] #LessonsLearned: What Not to Do In a Relationship

When season five of Love & Hip Hop concluded I vowed to myself I would not get consumed with yet another Love & Hip Hop series. Welp, that was a lie. Last night, the second episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premiered. Thus far, we’ve watched Mimi and Niko have a contemptuous relationship, Rasheeda and Kirk appears to be on the rocks again, Scrappy and Erica are no longer successfully co-parenting, Stevie J and Mimi appears to be on good terms, and Young Joc seem to be slinging his penis everywhere.

In this new #lessonslearned series, I will examine the relationships and discus the lessons both young men and women could learn from these individuals. Below are pressing issues that occurred and how one can avoid making the same mistakes.

Niko + Mimi

Problem: Following the demise of this relationship, Niko admitted to being married while he was “dating” Mimi. He confessed to planning the release of the infamous bathroom rod sex tape, and a host of other things. However, when the two individuals were once a couple, Niko also claims to have aided Mimi in negotiating a book deal. As a result, Niko has a foothold in Mimi’s finances and continues to demand his 25 percent stake.

#LessonsLearned: Ladies, here are a few things you should remember when in a committed relationship. Starting a business and making business deals with your significant other is a great thing. Who better to make business deals with, if your partner is well-versed in your industry, can represent your brand well and is educated right? The problem is: you and your partner are not married. If the relationship comes to a halt, the way Niko and Mimi’s relationship did, you still have a contract at hand that has to be fulfilled. More importantly, Mimi did not read the contract (or did not read it to understand it) and now may have to cough up 25 percent.

Ladies, if you are going to make business decisions with someone who is not obligated to you in the court of law or the eyes of God, here are essential things to do prior to entering any contract or partnership with a boyfriend or girlfriend:

  • Get the contract in writing.
  • Identify each part correctly; such as make sure names are spelled correctly, etc.
  • Clearly identify each person specific role and obligations. Do not leave anything out. If you agree on something verbally, put it on paper.
  • This one is very important: CLEARLY identify who pays whom, when payments should be made, and the conditions for making payments.
  • Agree on circumstances that can lead to the termination of the contract.

Rasheeda + Kirk

Problem: Just when we thought Kirk was cleaning up his act, he returns with more secrecy. Not only does he sign an artist, who seems more like another hot piece of meat, he secretly leases an apartment, forges Rasheeda’s name on the lease, and denies Rasheeda the opportunity of obtaining a storefront.

#LessonsLearned: Fellas, when you are married you relinquish the right to make business decisions and sign contracts without your spouse. Once you and your now-wife signs the declaration of marriage, it is also a legal partnership and decisions that can effect finances, etc. should not be made without your partner’s consent. In addition, having an office that is actually an apartment is not okay, especially if you are rebuilding your trust from broken vows.

Listen up fellas, after God; your first priority is your wife. The bible even says a man leave his father and mother to become one with his wife. Kirk needs to learn to put his wife first and make certain she is aware of all his business decisions including signing an artist. It is his duty to ensure his wife is comfortable with the women in his inner circle. Ashley Nicole should never feel comfortable saying things like, “Your boo bought it for me” or allude to her boss’ wife being insecure.

Young Joc + Khadiyah + Sina

Problem: Young Joc is leading Khadiyah to believe she is the only woman in his life, while pursuing his most recent child’s mother Sina. I don’t have to point out what’s wrong with this situation.

#LessonsLearned: Khadiyah should not be spending loads of money on a man that she has to ask for exclusivity. I am not saying good men do not deserve gifts and to be treated as a king, but a man that is 100 percent committed will do everything in his power to make it known. On to Sina, there is nothing wrong with wanting to create a family with the father of your child. However, if he has cheated on you not once, not twice, but three times while you were carrying his children, it may be time to do some spring cleaning and make room for the right man that God will send you in due time.

With each episode, I plan to address the problem and share some #lessonslearned. See you next week Primettes.

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