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Licensed Therapist Moushumi Ghose Shares Her Favorite Sex Toys & Why

Licensed marriage and family therapist, who also specialize in sex therapy, Moushumi Ghose dished to The Prim & Perverse about her favorite sex toys. From butt plugs to a G-spot stimulating vibrator, Moushumi has you covered. See what she had to say below.

  • I feel like no article on sex toys is complete without a mention of The Magic Wand, formerly by Hitachi. It's a gigantic piece of machinery and typically came on the market decades ago as a back massager. But much like the shower head, this unit became popular with women before we had so many other options on the market. It's a two-speed, gigantic massager, and it's still pretty popular, today. It's by no means my favorite, but if it gets the job done then it's worth a mention. http://magicwandoriginal.com
  • The more discreet women will love the Pocket Rocket Vibrator. I know that GoodVibes.com carries this. It's small, and although it's only one-speed, it's a powerful one-speeder at that. I think this is a great first vibrator to own, and a must have for your sex tool kit. The goodvibes.com version of this one is the best, in my opinion. 
  • The Lady Luck harnessis a good one for women to own. What's this you ask? It's a harness for a dildo, basically a strap-on. Why is this good to have? Well, even if she's not into women, which if she is even partially into women is good, she  can role play with this on. Men often like a penis during sex play too. If their comfortable with their own sexuality, and open to admitting it, having a strap on never hurt. This version is available at goodvibes.com.
  • Well, you can't have the harness without the dildo. In this particular scenario you need a more life-like, typically a silicone dildo (they also make dildo's in glass and plastic ones).which has the base so she can strap it on. I would opt for a silicone one that is, natural, animal-product free, recyclable and made in the US- toys made overseas have to be shipped which increases the carbon footprint. The color is up to you, as is the size. 
  • G-Spot Stimulating Vibrator/Dildo. Besides the size, shape and color of course, which is up to you, a g-spot stimulating dildo is also a nice addition to have in your collection. Many g-spot dildo's are vibrators also- yay! (battery operated) or they can be the non-vibrating silicone kind, up to you. The Fun Factory Delightis a g-spot stimulator and a clitoris stimulator all in one! A must have! http://thepleasurechest.com
  • The NJoy Butt Plugis a must have for anal fanatics. Made of stainless steel, these are great for strengthening PC muscles and for prostate stimulation. Available at http://www.babeland.com
  • Take it a step further and massage that prostate with a Tantus Prostate Play Vibrator for men. Three speeds, a flexible shaft that bends with his body's curves, an anchor base with a perineum massaging bulb, and a removable, and its waterproof. Available at Liberator.com
  • Kegel balls are great to have around, as they are a good way to strengthen your kegel muscles. Stronger kegel muscles may lead to better and longer orgasms, and more control altogether of pleasure. Iconbrands.com has a great Kegel Trainer Kit, called The Velvet Plush.
  • Finally, as I mentioned before, some light BDSM tools are always nice to have around. Get those leather handcuffs, nice silk blindfold, feather ticklers, and nipple clamps at thepleasurechest.com

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