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[#LHHATL RECAP]What To Do If You Find Yourself In A Love Triangle, Child Support Battle & More

On last night’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s third episode entitled “Rehabilitation,” Stevie J checks himself into rehab in hopes to start making better decisions. Joseline and Mimi agrees to meet with one another and more.

Below are some problems audience members observed on Monday night, and prospective solutions on how to address the issues in real life.

Sina + Young Joc + KD

Problem: Sina is not only chasing after a man who has shown consistently he has no interest in committing, but also financing his career. In addition, she has no problem brining another woman down to get what she wants.

#LessonsLearned: Ladies, first and foremost, if we respected one another and not cheated with men in a committed relationship, men would have no one to cheat with. Taping a man as evidence to prove to his current girlfriend that he is indeed unfaithful is just as scummy as him cheating. A woman should not have to go through hoops to keep her family together. If you have to devise a plan to trick a man to staying with you that is not the man you want or need in your life. Lastly, a man who continuously sends you mix signals does not deserve your goodies nor your financial assistance.

Remember: Playing dirty you will never prosper.

Joseline + Stevie J + Joseline

Problem: Mimi and Joseline have both disrespected one another over and over again.

#LessonsLearned: At some point both women have to be an adult and agree to disagree. Like it or not, Eva is in both women's life and a cordial relationship is the best thing for any child who is being raised by separated parents. Both women should apologize for their childish behavior. Stevie J also needs to be an adult and have a conversation with both women. The mother of his child should not be disrespected by his new girlfriend, wife, etc. and vice versa.

Erica + Scrappy

Problem: Erica is not receiving financial assistance from Scrappy to help raise their daughter.

#LessonsLearned: If Scrappy has not paid child support over a period of time, it’s Erica’s prerogative to receive the help she deserves from her child’s father. If that means having the courts intervene, then so be it. Now, I do think women should first have a conversation with the man, if possible, to avoid involving the courts. However, following the conversation and an agreed timeline, if the man has not handled his responsibility, like I said above, it’s a woman’s prerogative to choose to have the courts intervene.

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