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Ladies, You'll Soon Be Able to Have a Peach Scented Vajayjay

Earlier this summer, during a test run of "The Real," former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon revealed the ingredients for her homemade vajaycial. Yes, you read that correctly, a vajaycial.

Appropriately demonstrated on a peach, Bailon’s unusual beauty regiment includes antibacterial body wash, alcohol-free toner, papaya, lemon juice, one-pack of gelatin, two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of honey and lastly one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. FYI I did try the vajaycial.

Following your vajaycial, you may ask yourself: Self what can I do to ensure my vajayjay smells fruity? Of course, we know a healthy diet packed with water, veggies and fruits will keep your lady garden smelling fresh, BUT two men are currently working on a supplement that will make certain your vagina smells as sweet as a Georgia peach.


RING THE ALARM! Finally an experiment I’m sure most women will try.

Austin Heinz and Gilad Gome, founders of the biotech startups Cambrian Genomics and Personalized Probiotics, announced, at a recent conference, that their latest venture will allow women to dictate the way their vaginas smell. A probiotic supplement called Sweet Peach will have practical benefits, like preventing yeast infections as well as other health problems caused by microorganisms, according to Heinz. More importantly, it will recode your natural scent.

Heinz said, "The idea is personal empowerment. All your smells are not human. They're produced by the creatures that live on you” Gome chimed in, “We think it's a fundamental human right to not only know your code and the code of the things that live on you but also to rewrite that code and personalize it.”

 The pleasant peachy scent will be an indicator that the supplement is working.

 Primettes, are you as excited as I am? I mean what man doesn’t like a slice of peach?  A peachier scent, means more action down there.

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