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If You’re Single Blame It on Your DNA, Scientists Say

Have you ever thought to yourself: relationships just aren’t for me? Well, blame it on your DNA. According to scientists, some individuals are single as a result of a particular genetic code.

Researchers from Peking University, in Beijing, have discovered a gene that makes people bad at relationships. Those who have the “singleton gene” are 20 percent more likely to be single compared to their peers.

Scientists tested hair samples from 549 university students to analyze a gene named 5-HTA1, which comes in two different versions. They found those with the “G” version are more likely to be single compared to those with the “C” version.

Individuals with the “G” variety—the singleton gene—produce less of the chemical serotonin, the chemical in the brain responsible for mood and happiness. As a result, these people find it challenging to let their guard down and form a bond with others. Additionally, those whose genetic mapping include type “G” are more likely to be neurotic and suffer from depression.

Noted in the journal Scientific Reports, the study’s authors “caution that it is unclear whether the findings might be replicated in other groups of people, and they explain that other factors, such as social and personal attributes, could overshadow the apparent genetic contribution to romantic relationship formation.”

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