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ICYMI: Angela Yee Brings Back Lip Service Talks Sex, Orgasms and Special Guest August Alsina

The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee brought back her controversial Lip Service. Along side her two co-hosts Gigi Maguire and Stephanie Santiago, all three women discussed my favorite topics—relationships and of course s.e.x. In addition, singer August Alsina graced the ladies with his presence.

Girl Talk

On honesty…

Prior to Alsina’s arrival, Maguire and Santiago were very candid about their past and/or current beaus. Maguire, who is the former Ms. Magic City, THE premiere strip club located in Atlanta, Ga, revealed a very essential tip when entering a relationship. Maguire stated before she committed to her boyfriend of five years, she made it a priority to reveal her past rendezvous.

Maguire said, “I was very open and honest with him in the beginning because of who he is and the industry he’s in…….I would never want him to be in a predicament when someone tells him something about me and them or about me in general that he don’t already know and he’s blindsided by that.”

I am a firm believer when one makes the decision to commit to an individual everything should be open for discussion. While some men and women disagree, it is essential everything is put on the table, especially if there are potential secrets that may make one party uncomfortable. If you are not open and honest from the beginning, you taking away one’s opportunity to make an educated decision about you. Once that opportunity is stripped from an individual, he or she may feel deceived and in turn have a negative effect on the relationship.

Santiago, conversely, discussed an ex-beau and what ended her relationship. She admitted to cheating on her boyfriend of nearly eight years.

“I cheated on him and I was honest about it,” she said. Yee probed, “Did he ask you or did you just come right out and tell him?” Santiago continued, “I ended up getting an email from somebody that I really admired for a long time…I was honest and was like listen this happened x, y, x take it or leave it.”

She also confessed following her first adulterous behavior, she did not stop.

On orgasms….

Santiago revealed she’s faked not one, but numerous orgasms, which I am sure 90 percent of women has done at least once in their life. Maguire prefers to finish the job herself before faking an orgasm. Me, personally, I’ve faked orgasms and will finish the job myself following all the bogus moans.

Interview w/ August Alsina

When Alsina entered the room, the ladies wasted no time. Yee inquired if Alsina could be with a girl who was unfaithful and the “No Love” singer said, “Possibly, it depends on the situation.” The singer shared his stance on several topics.

Why men cheat (according to Alsina)

“That’s a different face, that’s a different ass, that’s a different face, that’s a different personality, that’s a different freak in the bed…it’s just different.”

On sex.……

 “I think every real nigga done had sex with some terrible b****s.”

On Alsina faking orgasms

“Sometimes you just don’t be in it or sometimes you just way too drunk.”

To hear more from the women of Lip Service and Alsina check out the video below.

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