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How the Strip Club Can Save Your Marriage

The mother of my adorable Godchild resides in a rural area in Connecticut. From the outside looking in, at the tender age of 25, it looks like she has it all: an adorable tot, a great husband and, lastly, a charming condo. While we all agree she is blessed and highly favored, the adjustment from a metropolitan city like New York City to farmland like Connecticut hasn’t been easy

Apart from her husband, she rarely has the opportunity to engage with adult human beings in-person. Let’s be quite honest, no matter how much we love our families and significant others not having human interaction with other like-minded individuals can drive us a little bonkers. While her marriage is not in shambles, so to speak, it definitely needed some spicing up.

Last month, in celebration of my 26th birthday, I decided to ring in another year at one of my favorite places—the strip club. Her, her husband, my boyfriend and two other close friends of mine enjoyed several lap dances and Long Island Ice Teas. More importantly, my favorite married couple had the opportunity to let go of their inhibitions and forget about the baby and bills. They became who they prior to marriage, a kid and real world responsibilities.

Realistically, it wasn’t necessarily the scantily dressed women flaunting their beautiful and voluptuous bodies. It also wasn’t just the overconsumption of alcoholic beverages. What going to the strip club taught this twosome: they have to make time for adult-like activities. Solely focusing on motherhood, fatherhood, career and paying bills can ruin the spark of any healthy relationship. Like the proverb goes, “All fun and no play makes Jack a duly boy” is true for everyone

After you get married, or after being with an individual for a long period of time, both individuals have to work twice as hard to make time to keep the spark ignited. So whether it’s receiving a lap dance with your significant other or any arousing activity, make sure you do not forget to prioritize the spark in your relationship.

FYI: If you’re ever in NYC and looking for a good ole time, Sin City is the perfect place for you.

What are ways you keep the fire blazing in your relationship? Feel free to share by commenting or emailing me at theprimandperverse@gmail.com.


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