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Happy #NationalNudeDay: 9 Reasons Women Should Embrace Nudity


Today we observe one of the best days, following National Margarita Day and National Masturbation Day, National Nude Day. This day was created in 1976 for nudist to keep cool from the hot, sticky summer.

Personally, as a woman who enjoys baring all, I believe observing this day is something every woman should do. We live in a society that forces women to conform to unrealistic standards of how we should look, what size we should be, and the list goes on and on. We were not created by God to look alike or to act like. Embrace your true self unapologetically. Embrace your body unapologetically. My number one goal in life is to encourage women to embrace their sexuality as well as their body, and not allow society's opinion define who they should be.

So, in honor of National Nude Day, here are nine reason women should embrace nudity.

1.A woman's body is worth celebrating.

2. It is a beautiful canvas created by God.

3. It's refreshing to see that nudity can exist without sexual interaction.

4. Nudity does not mean you have a lack of self respect.

5. In fact, nudity = confidence

6. There's nothing refreshing then feeling the fresh air on your bare skin.

7. It gives you a moment to fawn over all your curves, stretch marks, and every nook and cranny that makes you, well, you.

8. Embracing your bare canvas will help you stop conforming to the unrealisticstandards society puts on women.

9. If you don't love yourself at your most vulnerable moment who will?

Key Fact: If you live in New York, ladies you are legally free to go bare-breasted. As long as you are obeying the law, you will not be arrested. If being completely nude is not your thing, start small and go topless.

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