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[EXCLUSIVE] America's OB/GYN Dr. Drai Talks Orgasm Killers, Vajacials, In-Home HIV Testing & More

The start of a new year is the time one should reflect on new goals as well as health and wellness. You know what that means ladies, a trip to your OB/GYN. I talked to Dr. Drai, a practicing OB/GYN and teaching faculty member at Magee-Womens Hospital of The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, about orgasms, vajacials, in-home HIV testing and more. Check out what he had to say below.

 How can a woman correctly identify whether she is having an orgasm? 

Hi #GYNEGirl TRUST ME you would know! I see a woman EVERYDAY in the office that states she has never had an orgasm. The important thing to know is that THIS can be fixed. When you reach an orgasm, there are several hormones that are released from your brain. These are the more important ones. Oxytocin is first, which causes your “lady parts” to contract. Next Dopamine causes a feeling of ecstasy. And then comes serotonin causing you to be sleepy. Does this sound familiar?

If she hasn't had an orgasm, how can she ensure she start having orgasms?

If you haven’t had an orgasm #GYNEGirl, let’s start with the basics- masturbation. Learn to stimulate yourself first which will make it easier for you to teach your mate how to stimulate YOU. Have fun!

What are the top orgasm killers?

Great question #GYNEGirl! The biggest killer is a BAD relationship. If you are fighting with your mate, your vagina will be dryer than a desert. Remember orgasms in woman are what I call cerebral. Your mate has to have your mind in order for you to let them have your body. FIX your relationship- go to couples’ therapy. You also need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Some medications like anti-depressants and oral contraceptives can dampen your ability to reach the BIG “O”.

A lot of women have gotten off by giving oral sex. Is there a specific technique to ensure she can get off while getting someone else off (orally that is)?

Have your partner (or YOU) play with your clitoris while you are pleasuring them. OR just add a vibrator.

Is it true women can sweeten the taste of their vagina by eating citrusy fruits/foods? If so what are some you would suggest and how long does it take to sweeten the juices down there.

Maybe? It hasn’t been proven by science YET but lots of my #GYNEGirls have tried it and swear by it. Go ahead! Try some pineapple. Womp Womp…Not sure how long it takes to work though.

Is there a guide to squirting each and every time?

First of all, there are only a small amount of #GYNEGirls who can “squirt”. Don’t stress out about this. If you CAN squirt, YOU definitely have to be REALLY turned on.

Is semen healthy for you?

FIRST of all, Semen can carry STDs and can make you get #Preggo. There are some energy-boosting ingredients found in semen such as fructose sugar, water, ascorbic acid, citric acid, enzymes, protein, zinc, and others though.

What are the worst non-bed places to have sex?

Stay away from the hot tubs- too much bacteria. The beach can be an issue too; Sand can end up in the vagina. Ouch! Avoid having sex in church or at work; you definitely don’t want to get caught.

We all know kegels can help tighten the vagina. Is there additional ways a woman can tighten her vagina?

Try Kegels with Ben Wa Balls. They are tiny balls you put in your vagina for resistance training. It’s like weight lifting for the vagina.

The pull out method, what are your thoughts?

 Try it if you want to be a PARENT or get a STD. The withdrawal method aka Pull Out Method is only 78 percent effective. Condoms are 98 percent effective. Stick with condoms please AND Thanks. Don’t forget about men who have pre-ejaculation.

 What are your thoughts on the in-home HIV test? Should it replace one actually going to a clinic to get tested?

 My #GYNEGirls love it. The home test SHOULD not replace the clinic HIV testing. What happens if the test is POSITIVE? You need to have someone- a physician or counselor- to talk to you.

Vajacials has become popular in 2014. Can it affect the vagina and its PH balance in a negative way? In other words does it hurt or help?

Still skeptical… It all depends on what they are actually putting on the vulva. If some of that stuff gets in the vagina, say hello to infection.

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