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Dos and Don’ts of Loving a #Pisces

As stated in a previous post, a Pisces woman is known for her sensual and dreamy nature. However, the most essential thing to know and remember when loving a Pisces woman is: she is a sensitive being who has to be handled with extra care.

So how do you love a Pisces? Check out the lists of dos and don’ts I’ve created.

Do be patient and understanding with your Pisces. If you are looking for an easy, uncomplicated individual to love than a Pisces is not for you.

Don’t rush her. A Pisces woman walks to the beat of her own drum. If you rush her she will rebel and take her sweet time.

Do spoil her. A Pisces woman craves attention, affection and love. .

Don’t allow your Pisces to feel rejected and unwanted. Your Pisces is an empath, a highly sensitive individual who can feel other people’s energies. She desires an intense love affair and has a hard time expressing her needs. She needs someone who can handle such an intense love. With that being said, if your Pisces feel rejected and unwanted she will surely swim away.

Do pay attention. A Pisces will always drop subtle hints. If you pay attention you will never be blindsided.

Don’t ignore the signals. Conversely, if you ignore the subtle hints, vibes or signals you will lose your Pisces. It takes a lot for her to swim away, but once she has reached her breaking point, where she feels too hurt, rejected, under appreciated, unwanted and unloved there is nothing you or anyone can do to wheel her back in.

Do be honest. Unlike most women, a Pisces can handle the truth better than you may think. More importantly, a Pisces woman understands she is not perfect. If there is something wrong have an open and honest dialogue with her.

Do satisfy her sexual desires. A Pisces is a very sexual being.

And lastly, NEVER allow another individual the opportunity to give your Pisces the love, affection and attention she desires from you.

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