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Dating ADD: How to Focus on Finding Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now?

We live in a world where instant gratification has become an essential. Our attention span has plummeted tremendously. One in every three website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on an article, which means content curators have a small window to capture the average American’s attention. At newsstands, a magazine headline has eight seconds to reel in a reader. With more and more millennials becoming inattentive and suffering from dating ADD, how can one focus on finding Mr. Right?

From Twitter to Tinder to #ManCrushMondays, it is harder than ever for millennials to concentrate on dating one person when there are several options within your immediate radius. How do you win the dating game?

First, you must be aware of the signs. Symptoms of dating ADD are akin to Attention Deficit Disorder. An individual who suffers from dating ADD will have difficulty paying attention to one person, will become easily distracted, frequently shift from one person to another and will exhibit poor listening skills. It can be seen before, during and following a date. This person yearns for as many courtships as possible.

Second, one must assess whether or not she is ready for something serious. If you’ve dated a wide range of suitors and is now 100 percent certain of what you want from a partner, perhaps it is time to reposition yourself in the dating world. Conversely, if you are unsure of the kind of man you would like to build a bond with, you should continue your courtships.

Once you’ve decided you are ready for a commitment, it is time to implement these simple tips that will help you focus on finding Mr. Right versus getting side tracked by Mr. Right now.

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