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Couple of the Month: #BOSSBABE Alex + Husband

This month’s couple of the month goes to none other than the #BOSSBABE herself Alex and husband Jesus (pronounced hay-sus). In honor of Alex opening up her heart and sharing what works for her marriage, I decided to extend the couple of the month spotlight into a full feature article. Check out what Alex had to say below.

How did you and your husband meet?

We met at the after school program that I used to #werk at, he was in charge of first grade. I was in charge of kindergarten. We would play "crazy eights" while the kids were playing blocks. The playing turned into flirting fairly fast.

How long have you been married, together overall?

It'll be two years this June.

What attracted you to him? vice versa

Well to be honest, I never even looked at him as an option until he started to flirt with me. The more I spoke to him, the more I learned that he was smarter than he looked. That really attracted me.

I think for him, he was attracted to how I looked and how I could hold conversation with him. My husband likes to talk about a lot of weird shit.

How did you determine he was the one you should marry? vice versa

It was just a feeling. One day, we had some guests over and I just felt this energy saying "ALEX YOU NEED TO MARRY HIM". We went to the kitchen to "check on the food" and I nearly pushed him in a corner and asked him if we were going to get married or not. I was pretty much asking him to propose to me right then and there or I would leave him. I know that he wanted to ask me but I felt like he'd be too afraid. I didn't have time for the games and I laid it to him straight.

How do you balance being a #bossbabe and a wife? Is it separate or does being a #bossbabe include your wifely duties?

My only wifely duty is to love and respect him. #BOSSBABE doesn't stress me out, it empowers me. Thus, I am a better person therefore a better wife.

In our modern times you're considered to be very young to be married (I believe you're 24 right? correct me if I am wrong), what made you jump the broom, so to speak, so young?

Girl, I'm not even 23 yet!! As far as what made me jump the broom, it was love. It was also me feeling like I found a guy who actually respected and loved me and I wanted to lock him down so I can focus on a career.

What are your tips to handling disagreements?

Never speak when angry. Know when to drop the subject and pocket it for another time when you are both feeling good.

Do you think compatibility is important or can people make the relationship work, even if they're very different?

Let me get back to you on this one.

In your opinion, what is the key to making a relationship work overall?

Talking. Lots and lots of talking! lol... communication. The better you can articulate your feelings, the easier it is for someone to understand you. Also, open mindedness. You will be miserable if you live your life only standing in your own shoes.

What would you tell others who are engaged to wed young?

I mean, I would tell them congratulations. Hopefully they are in it for the right reasons.

What have you learned about yourself since being married?

That I am so blessed to wake up with my natural hair all over the place, no makeup, probably bad breathe, ratchet pajamas and I have a man laying down next to me who still can find all of that attractive. LMAO

Any last words on love, marriage and being a #BOSSBABE?

Every relationship should enhance your life. Friends, husbands... it makes being a #BOSSBABE much more fun!

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