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Couple of the Month: Aisha Crowley & Christopher Hall

Aisha Crowley and Christopher Hall met in 2009 during their college matriculation. The couple is the perfect example love can—and will—conquer all, if you're willing to work for it. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

Christopher Hall & Aisha Crowley.

Christopher Hall & Aisha Crowley.

Christopher Hall & Aisha Crowley.

The Prim & Perverse:  When did you guys meet?

We met while attending Lincoln University. I was in the psychology computer lab and he "rolled up on me" in his wheel chair.

The Prim & Perverse: Dating, engaged or married? For how long?

On Oct.15th it will make five years of us being together. On Oct. 26th, 2013 Chris proposed to me at our homecoming step show.

The Prim & Perverse:  What stood out about each individual that caught one another's attention?

Chris stood out to me because, at the time, he was in a wheel chair. I felt like he had great strength and because he was smiling after going through such a rough time, I felt like he had a great personality. What stood out to Chris about me was my smile and my butt.... men lol

The Prim & Perverse:  Any major challenge(s)?

Yes! We went through a major challenge that would possibly separate couples, but for us it made us stronger. Our challenge was distance. Three and a half years of our relationship was spent a part  and believe me it wasn't easy at all! We overcame it by communicating on a regular [basis] and still doing things together without exactly being together. For example, we had Skype dates where we would would set a time and watch "Scandal" every Thursdays. On other days we would watch movies on Netflix. We also took turns traveling back and forth to see one another.

Another thing that kept us going was the fact that we kept church in our relationship. We went to church together, prayed together and got through all obstacles TOGETHER! Through patience and understanding we made it work and look where we are today! We couldn't be happier!

The Prim & Perverse:  Advice for millennial couples?

The advice we would give to millennial couples is what you put in, is what you'll get out. You can't expect to have a perfect relationship. However, we believe that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Communication and patience is key!!! Without it unnecessary misunderstandings occur.

The couple is set to wed next summer.

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