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Confessions of a Dateaholic Coming Soon!

I’ve been struggling with the idea of launching this column for some time now. When you go from being single and an open book about your dating life to a committed relationship with a private person you become limited in conversations, well in my case blog posts. I’ve debated with the newly committed girlfriend self and the budding journalist/blogger self. With much deliberation, the career-oriented budding journalist/blogger won.

Of course I’ll be keeping in mind his feelings, but I’ve decided to launch a new column on my blog entitled “Confessions of a Dateaholic.” This column will be a reflection, collection and confession of my past rendezvous with interesting, funny, sarcastic and—at times—assholes I’ve dated in the past. Through my thrilling trysts I learned so much about myself, the kind of guy I attract, the reason and the kind of guy I ultimately can see myself settling down with. However, too often I hear women enter the dating realm with high expectations, rather than basking in the ambience and enjoying the here and now. I mean come one ladies dating should be fun not a chore.

In my opinion, dating is an opportunity for you to learn about—drum roll please— you! Recurrently I hear the same conversation, which usually go something like, “I went on a date with such and such he’s so cute I can definitely see myself with him.” Keep in mind this was only date one. Women put too much pressure on themselves and the men courting them.

I hope through my confessions my fellow gals will feel empowered and encouraged to just have fun, enjoy life and live as fearlessly as Rihanna lol.

Stay tuned!


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