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Boys & Girls The Series: If Your Hormones Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Every generation is said to have a certain personality. Gen. Y, also known as millennials, has been deemed to be entitled, confident, expressive types disrupting the “system.” While we place parenthood and marriage above our career, we are not necessarily running to the alter, let alone committing to a long-term relationship. The dating world, as we know it, has changed. We remain confused in the who-is-going-to-text-who-first dating game. We have to worry about digital dating rules that our parents and grandparent no nothing of.

Navigating through the new age of exploration titled “the hookup culture,” is, well to be quite frank, a bitch! Courtship, dinner and a movie, and hour-long phone calls are obsolete. Hell, some of us are lucky enough to get a text back in a timely manner. While many of us is “hanging out,” “hooking-up” and allowing our hormones to call the shots, shouldn’t there be a series that unapologetically tackle trials and tribulations of young adult love in the fast pace, multitasking generation we now dwell in?

A new show titled "Boys & Girls: The Series" perhaps is just what the millennial generation unknowingly crave. As stated in the synopsis, the series will explore the mindset of both sexes by digging deep into the paradox of “what we should do” versus “what actually goes down” when it comes to dating and relating to the opposite sex. The witty script boldly addresses the question: If your hormones could talk, what would it say?

Created by Darik Bernard, "Boys & Girls: The Series" was inspired by his personal rendezvous.

“It’s basically about my life from a certain time frame, which was in college to now. I was young trying to mature and thought I had a problem with sex.” He continued, “In college you know I liked the ladies and the ladies liked me. It was right when that dark skin phase hit and I was like you know I’m in style. I took advantage of that. Then I started thinking to myself, ‘Yo I’m doing too much.’ So I went to talk to a trusted advisor of mine who was a guy and I confided in him and said, ‘I feel like I may have a [sex addiction] problem.’ He was like you don’t have a problem, just relax but why don’t you write about it. So I would listen to my friends and I’d write. I’d take my experiences whatever conquest I would have and I would write about it. How it was, what it took to get that, some of the crazy things I did.”

Prior to yet another sexual conquest, Bernard realized he was literally in conflict with his penis. In the midst of the mind vs. member mêlée, it dawned on him to have both men and women’s hormones represented.

In the trailer you'll see Cameron (referred to as Cam) a young man who is relentlessly trying to reclaim control of Meat, his penis which has a mind of its own. Then there is Brooklyn, a young woman attempting to keep her goodies in the cookie jar, but Nani, her pulsating vagina, has a different agenda.

“I want to make you feel uncomfortable. I want to make you blush, but it’s honest. My story is about my self-control issues. If I’m struggling with it then I know a bunch of other people are struggling with it so why not we talk about it, but make people laugh at the same time,” Bernard dished.

Like “Modern Family” and “The Game,” “Boys & Girls: The Series” will not include one single lead couple.

“Boys & Girls: The Series” is a refreshing take on today’s dating scene. You can expect raw honesty and raunchy humor. However, at the core of it all is a love story. Bernard is eager to not only portray how men and women communicate, or lack thereof, but also figure out why we don’t always get it right.

Currently, Bernard has sparked interest with major networks and will keep us posted on the ins and outs.

 Check out the trailer below.

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