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Are You #TeamBigPenis or #TeamSmallPenis ?

Wednesday afternoon, my business partner and editor-in-chief of Six Inches Higher Amanda and I decided to have a business meeting at Blockheads, a San Francisco-style burrito joint that sells—THE BEST—margaritas in NYC at a starting price of just $4. With a few margaritas in our system, the conversation turned to sex and penises.

It is very fitting vlogger Monique Anderson also had a lot to say on the subject of penis size. Anderson revealed she’s #teamlittlepenis. Anderson explanation is: big penises weaken her as a woman; as a result she cannot truly enjoy the penis as she please.

While, we’re not #teamsmallpenis, Amanda and I are #teamperfectlyfittingpenis. For a woman to truly want to engage in sexual intercourse daily or several times a week, the penis must be an appropriate size. I mean ladies; you know that first potty following sex and the irritation you endure after intercourse with a big penis?  Who the hell wants to go through that daily? No one! I agree with Anderson. I want to be able to have my way during sex and not undergo days of vaginal restoration.

So to all the ladies who proclaim they want their future partner to have a big penis, good luck with your vaginal restoration!

What’s your take Primettes? Big penis yay or nay?

 Check out Anderson’s hilarious explanation below!


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