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10 Ways to Handle a Breakup

Unfortunately, another celebrity relationship has kicked the dust.Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks have called it quits, according to sources at E! News. Though I am not surprised, because both parties are still fairly young, I am a little saddened. They looked adorable together.

In wake of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose divorce and Derulo and Sparks split, I began to ponder ‘how should one handle a breakup?’ I grilled a few of my girlfriends and while we all agreed to move on cold turkey, I had some additional rules you all should take heed to. Below are #NikkisRules.

  1. First and foremost closure is essential for moving on. However, you may not always receive the closure you want. If possible tie up loose ends with the other individual. If you don’t know why things ended, just remember whatever the higher source you believe in—for me it’s God—when the higher source removes a person from your life it’s for the best. You’ve learned all that you need to learn from one another and it’s time to part ways so you can make room for the new individual the higher source is sending you.
  2. If you suffer from a lack of self-control, which means you feel compelled to troll his/her social media handles, take a break and deactivate from the online world. Observing the individual’s every move can cause a relapse or further depress you. Don’t be an emotional cutter.
  3. Block him/her from all mobile devices.
  4. Create or reevaluate your deal breakers. Sometimes in a relationship (situationship) we lose track of our worth. It is time to remind our self of what we will and won’t stand for.
  5. As a friend suggested and I also agree, focus on reevaluating short and long-term goals.

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