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Why Good Guys Are Finally #Wining

Since the beginning of time bad boys were every girl's choice of drug, but there seem to be a new movement lurking, the good guy movement. With the economy in disarray, twentysomethings are struggling to find their place in a chaotic world. We’re sick of being turned down due to lack of work experience. How in the world are we ever suppose to have adequate experience if no one hires us? However, with the world in havoc twentysomething women now yearn for stability. If we can’t find stability in our career, just yet, why not take hold of our love life. Ladies are no longer choosing the infamous bad guy.

We all know the bad guy. The jerk off whom time after time again shatters your heart, and security, with broken promises. The contemptible prick who chooses to ONLY make time for you during booty call hours. Oh and let’s not forget the guy who makes it clear monogamy isn’t his “thing.”

From Hollywood to Brooklyn, twentysomething women are kicking the bad guys to the curb.

Exhibit A: Rihanna + Drake

Self-proclaimed bad gyal RiRi stood by Chris Brown’s side even after the unfortunate occurrence. Just last year the two was spotted canoodling in Hawaii for RiRi’s 25th birthday. Most recently, Rihanna was spotted visiting C Brezzy during his stint in rehab. Let’s not forget  her worst choice of them all Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith. It seems like Rihanna has finally had enough of the troubled singer, basketball player and bad boys in general. From the looks of things, the Bajan bombshell has finally promoted the good guy aka Drake from friendzone. Drake is the epitome of hip-hop’s good guy. He’s sensitive and open to talk about his feelings. I’m sure he opens car doors, never makes a promise he cannot keep, respects Rihanna and will never raise a finger.

Round of applause for Rihanna!

Exhibit B: Lena Durham + Jack Antonoff

In this month’s Glamour, cover girl Lena Durham admitted, prior to her current boyfriend, she dated the guy who made it clear he was not monogamous (aka the self-proclaimed polygamist) and another guy who had a child. Today, the Brooklyn native is done with bad guys! In the feature article Durham said, “I’m finally attracted to a stable, not shadowy, relationship. I really like being with someone who’s not a secret.”

You go Lena Durham!

And lastly

Exhibit C: Myself + my beau

I’ve dated a few jerk offs. The racer, James Dean as I refer to him, who was too busy racing cars all night to stand by his word. Oh Lena I had a baby daddy of my own, what the hell was I thinking. There was also a college dropout who could not even commit to one career let alone anyone else. Though he hates when I blog about him, sorry babe, my current boyfriend is nothing like my past dudes. He may possibly be right up there with Drake.

Go me!

So a toast to a crappy economy because it’s your time to shine bright like a diamond good guys!



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