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The Prim & Perverse Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary: A Letter From the Editor

Last Sunday, Feb. 23rd, The Prim & Perverse celebrated its one-year anniversary in the blogosphere. When I launched this blog, I’ll admit, I had no clue what I was doing and the direction I was heading. A woman, who worked as a publicist for the New York Post, encouraged me to launch this blog. When we had our first meeting, I found myself in an uncomfortable interrogation. Our dialogue went something like this:

Her: Why aren’t you blogging?

Me: I am. I have a column on my friend’s blog.

Her: That’s not good enough. You need your own!

The truth was, at the moment, I wasn’t quite confident in myself yet. I often wondered what did I have to offer that was so different from others. Finally it hit me. Many believe they are writers/bloggers, but not everyone can: 1. Write 2. Write well and 3. Captivate an audience. People, who I did not know, often told me if I had a blog they’d read it.

As I sat in her office I observed the subtleties surrounding me. Her office was dope beyond words.  She was surrounded by color. Post-its everywhere. Little trinkets of her accomplishments, photos of family and friends, mountains of paper work, a badass dress hung up behind her desk (it was freshly dried clean) and so much more dopeness. In that very moment, she was who I hoped to become. As she got my life together, she shuffled through some papers and handed me a sheet that read “33 Ways to Stay Creative.” One year later I continue to adhere to those rules. It is as follows:


1.    Make lists.

2. Carry a notebook EVERYWHERE. This is so important as a writer. There are times an amazing idea will hit you so fast and so hard that without anything to store it in, it will leave you as quickly as it came.

3. Try free writing.

4. Get AWAY from the COMPUTER. Some of my best articles for freelance work were not composed sitting behind a screen. It was actually produced outside in the park.

5.  Be otherworldly.

6. Quit beating yourself up. This was particular important to me because, like any artist, I am sensitive about my sh**. There are so many negative forces trying to undermine you, why should you participate in the act? Words have creative power and if you don’t believe in yourself why should any one else?

7.    Take breaks.

8.    Sing in the shower.

9.    Drink coffee/tea.

10. Know your roots.

11. Listen to music.

12. Be open.

13Surround yourself with creative people. Other creative influences usually lead to AMAZGING collaboration.

14Get feedback. AGAIN very important. You cannot measure your own growth. Outsiders’ feedback is valuable.

15. Collaborate.

16Don’t give up. God doesn’t put blessings in your hand he puts it in your reach.


18Allow yourself to make mistakes. The best writers, artists, etc. all has made mistakes.

19. Go somewhere new.

20. Watch foreign films.


22. Get lots of rest.

23. Take risks!

24Break the rules! Don’t cling to society and the status quo. Go against the grain.


26. Don’t force it! If it’s to be, then it will be.

27Read a page of the dictionary. I choose the thesaurus. I love the thesaurus. It’s my second Bible.

28. Create a framework.


30. Got an idea? Write it down.

31. Clean your workspace. I cannot produce anything in clutter. Can you?

32. Have fun.

33. Finish something. See each project to the end. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just finish it.

These 33 guidelines have helped me develop into a better writer and focus on a new direction. As I enter the quarter century mark, I’m finally embracing the woman I am becoming. I have always had a fixation with sex. The evolution of sex, how human beings interact during sex and the intimacy that develops during sex. In layman’s terms my dream position is to be a sex columnist/editor. What better time than now to hone my craft? The Prim & Perverse will begin treading on, what many will call, erotic territory—in a tasteful manner of course (sorry dad).

Thank you for supporting me and reading my blog throughout the year and stay tuned because we are about to take an enthralling ride. Can you handle it?


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