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Six Perks To Flirting With An Old Head

I'm still celebrating 25. Sue me!

As I continue my yearlong quarter century celebration, my Spelman sister decided to treat me to drinks at Red Rooster, a cute trendy restaurant located in West Harlem. That particular night a dope reggae band, Brown Rice Family, captivated patrons with irie tunes mon (envision me speaking patois here). While most women were gyrating their waistlines with their friends or partners, my friend and I were busy been wooed by some old heads.

Perhaps my Spelman sister and I have young and ripe written on our foreheads, but for whatever the reason the old heads was on us. Flirting with a man 20 years your senior is quite intellectually entertaining. You converse about events you were not nearly old enough to witness or attend. For example Dexter, a tall lean caramel complexion man, schooled me about Sugar Cane, a Trinidadian restaurant located on Flatbush extension in Park Slope, Brooklyn. As a Brooklynite, I am familiar with the restaurant and its amazing jerk chicken wings, but Dexter definitely dropped some jewels about what Park Slope was really like prior to the so called “hipsters” invading Brooklyn.

The best part of my night was not the free drinks, which I’ll admit I did not modestly consume, but the innocent flirting and dating advice. What I LOVED the most there was no inappropriate touching, just  loads of flattery—and let’s be honest what woman would not want to be charmed while tunes drift you afar to warm island thoughts.

We all know, regardless of age, a man will always be attracted to a woman's physical. I'm sure the old heads envisioned whisking myself, some brown sugar, and my friend, a little caramel delight, off to some kind of ménage à trois. However, instead of coming off as predators looking for prey, they were respectful and charming. They promised to sweep us off our feet and pay off every bit of Sallie Mae; you know that was music to my ears.

I’ve always enjoyed the wisdom of  more seasoned individuals, but last night there was a little something more lingering in the air. It could have been the several fruity mojitos we downed or the reggae music blasting through my eardrums, but I truly relished in every moment of the playful and alluring behavior. Partying with the old heads, and yes I’m cognizant 50 is not old, is definitely a pleasurable experience. If flirting could have made me climaxed last night, trust I definitely would have reached flirting euphoria—smooth is an understatement for those gentlemen.

So the moral to this story is there are number of benefits when you flirt with an older man (by older I don’t mean one to five years older). Here’s a few perks you'll experience when flirting with an old head:

  1. An old head will offer his seat. Though we all know a man should always offer a woman a seat, the old heads go above and beyond. Dexter not only offered his seat but also found a seat for my Spelman sister and saved the seats while we reconvened in the ladies room. *insert awwww here*
  2. An old head will buy your drinks all night. Ladies as much as we would love it, it’s definitely not a man’s job to purchase your drinks all night, but an old head will do it. They’ll foot the bill just to see if they still have a chance with the hot little tenderoni. The best part is they have the funds to do so. It ain’t tricking if you got it right?!?Did I mention it will only be top shelf spirits?! #wining.
  3. His hands will stay to himself. The right type of old head will go out of his way to make sure you do not feel uncomfortable. His hands will stay above the bar table. There may be a hug, but he’s smart enough to read your body language to know if it will make you feel uneasy.
  4. He’ll dish compliments all night. First let me make this crystal clear: I DO NOT NEED A MAN TO TELL ME HOW BEAUTIFUL I AM. My parents did an amazing job of instilling confidence in me, but let’s keep it 100 what woman in her right mind doesn’t want to be told how gorgeous she is literally ALL NIGHT?! If you find a woman who exists and doesn’t want to be told how gorgeous, well-spoken, beautiful, etc. she is all night call me so I can she smack some sense into her.
  5. He’ll school you. Dexter, the gentlemen who worked for MTV and an older Caucasian man definitely hipped me to game last night about restaurants, life and New York City.
  6. He won’t fight or get jealous of other men flirting with you. Dexter and the other older lads surely did NOT know one another, but that did not stop them from sharing our attention and all buying us rounds of drinks.

Ladies, the next time you plan a ladies night definitely choose a bar/lounge that will have a moderate number of old heads and enjoy my version of an open bar.


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