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Relationship Dos and Don'ts for Dummies

Dear My Fellow Millennials,

We’re SCREWED! No, not because the economy is in a state of emergency. No, not because Sallie Mae is ruining our credit score, lives and deducting every bit of our little salary. Well then why are we screwed you ask? Because our generation no longer respect the codes of life. You know girl code, guy code, the rules of dating etc. All the essential decrees have fallen by the wayside.

Millennials, Gen-Y, Digital Natives, whatever researchers are calling us nowadays, are racially diverse, economically stressed and 100 percent liberal. Real life is scary and has made us so wary of people we’ve developed a complete disregard for the art of dating. Twentysomethings are in no rush to settle down and start a family, let alone commit to one person. We enjoy the chase, the pursuit of a commitment, but stray away from the actual commitment. We have high expectations in regards to love, but dish out, well, half-assed efforts. We claim to want an individual to trust, be loyal to and engage in amazing sex with, but no one wants the responsibility that comes with the bond.

So what does this mean? We're doomed, unless we decide to turn over a new stone. In other words my fellow millennials it’s time to get our shit together. In any relationship there are codes that each party should adhere to. Think of it as a business transaction. Once said parities enter into an agreement on an effective date, whether it’s written or verbal, there are terms the individuals must abide by. If terms are not met by both covenants the agreement risks being terminated.

Since some of you dodo birds are clearly clueless let me fill you in. Below you will find the dos and don’ts to successfully transition into a half decent relationship.

Do tell the truth

Don’t lie

Do calmly express your point of views

Don’t dismiss the individual’s feelings and say it isn’t valid

Do communicate no matter what at all times

Don’t hang up the phone on the individual

Do set up boundaries with friends when entering a new relationship

Don’t hang out till the wee hours of the morning with an individual your girlfriend/boyfriend is NOT fond of. {Listen I don’t care if Jesus and his 12 disciples are with you during the interaction it is still INAPPROPRIATE}

Do have sex often

Don’t allow work or other events affect your sex life

Do get a little kinky

Don’t be a prude

Don’t keep going back and forth about the same damn topic

Do come to a resolution or a compromise

Do have makeup sex

Don’t let negative feelings linger

Do maintain your friendships

Don’t allow your friendships to ruin something good

You should not have to change everything when you’re transitioning into a new relationship, but some things CANNOT remain the same. Always remember it's not necessarily about feelings being valid, rather, it's about making sure both parties are comfortable and are having their needs met.


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