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Post-Breakup Dos & Don’ts We Can Learn from Teyana Taylor’s Breakfast Club Interview

First let me say I am familiar with Teyana Taylor, I just haven’t had time to review all of her works. I have heard a few tracks she’s been featured on, so far not so bad. What I do know: the Harlem native is gorgeous, has an amazing petite shape and is very candid. A woman who is not afraid to speak her mind is always my cup of tea, but there are a few things that rubbed me the wrong way during her interview. Ladies once a relationship ends, whether you're a public figure or not, there are certain things you should not do. Let's assess the interview and discuss the dos and don’ts.

Do not place all the blame on the other woman. I completely agree with the 23-year-old, “When you’re with somebody and everybody knows this there’s always that one girl you go through everything with at that point you don’t shock her anymore.” However, you cannot place all the blame on the other woman. Too many times, women direct their anger to the other woman. More times than not, she is not who you should be upset with.

In different circumstances, I would say the other woman is not who Taylor let in your life and shared intimate moments with. However, since Tae Heckard and Taylor are/were friends my advice will slightly differ. Taylor should not only place the blame on Heckard. Brandon Jennings pursued her friend and for a lack of a better choice the friend accepted the pursuit. Both parties are equally wrong.

Do not blast the other woman via any interview or social media networks. I am all for a good blast (lol I know that just totally contradicts the previous statement). Hell, I’ve put a few people on blast in my early twenties, but I’ve learned it accomplish nothing. Taylor went too far reading a conversation between the two. Yes, I agree Heckard was, and still is, wrong. It’s also evident Taylor feels betrayed, but what is she really proving? The entire world, well those who are aware of the circumstances, know and believes Heckard and Taylor were once close girlfriends. I’m sure there are several images across the World Wide Web that can corroborate her story, but what has Taylor accomplished? Taylor already receives the support from the army of women who respects, and lives by, girl code. When women stoop to this level it only portrays us as bitter and petty— two words women do not want to be dubbed. In her case she had a few things to prove, and I totally understand, but I wish she wouldn't have. When we entertain the shenanigans we are feeding into the negative antics portrayed by the other party.

Do choose to be happy. Taylor said, “I was dating somebody and I can’t stop my situations every time you want to come back.” This probably resonates with a lot of women. There is always that ex who will try to get in where he can fit in! Choose to be happy by letting go of what was.

In addition, like Charlamagne said, and what most of us should know by our twenties, “You have to teach people how to treat you.” Taylor absolutely agreed by saying, “I wasn’t so quick to run back….I have to do what I have to do I deserve to be happy!”

Do not expect honesty from an ex. The songstress revealed Jennings was not honest about pursuing a new relationship following the breakup. Well Duh! Lol! What man admits to having a new girlfriend, fling, boo if he is still back peddling to his old thang? More importantly, the demise of a lot of relationships is lies, dishonesty, deceitful actions. If he has been deceitful while you were together, subsequently post-breakup it is more likely he’ll continue to be dishonest.

Do continue to be great. I do love that Taylor continued to build her brand. She continued to take meetings with Samsung, etc. The best way to get back at an ex is with success!

Trust me at 25-years-old I know a man will push you to the edge, BUT that's only if YOU let him. I hope we’ve learned a thing or two from this interview.


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