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Lingerie Personalities

Yes, there are personality categories when it comes to choosing mood appropriate lingerie. Depending on the sexual level, the sexual fantasy, and also the body type of the individual, there are different lingerie personas. Here are a few of the most common lingerie personalities and a brief description.


For the not so girly girls .

Lingerie with designs that have more of a tomboyish feel.


For the playful sex kittens.

Lingerie that have a very feminine feel, usually adorned with lace and bows.

Femme Fatale

For the seducers.

Lingerie designs that have a more mature sexy feel.


For the spankers.

Pieces that incorporate wipes and chains.


For the sweet tooth’s.

Edible lingerie pieces.

Au Naturel

For the streakers .

These are for the non-lingerie wearers. The ones that prefer their birthday suit over anything.

Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be doing a detailed description on each personality, best brands and where to purchase each piece.

-Written by Lauren Anete

Lauren Anete is a fashion stylist in Atlanta, Ga. Follow her on Twitter @_Urmuse_elle  & Instagram @Lauren_Anete

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