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Can a Man Be Bi-Curious Without Being Labeled Gay?

Your twenties are the age of sexual exploration. During these precious years, both men and women are “finding themselves.” Many of my cohorts are not allowing society to define who they are. With that being said the question I propose to you all: Can a man explore his sexuality the way a woman can?

Let's discuss.

Monday night, my friend, who we’ll call Naomi, explained to me during her college matriculation she was very close to a guy, whom she affirmed was her gay bestie. This guy, who we’ll call Tyler, was very good friends with a straight guy, who we’ll call Andre. Tyler is not only good friends with Andre, but also had deep feelings for this guy. Whether the feelings were reciprocated or not that is unknown, but what is known Andre did participate in a one-night rendezvous with Tyler. Following the one-time sexual act, Andre concluded a guy was not his cup of tea and decided to pursue a relationship with Naomi. The two dated for more than a year.

When Naomi explained her very juicy and interesting story, I wondered can a man embark on the journey of sexual exploration the way a woman can? I did not, and still do not, judge any of the individuals involved. I could care less that Andre decided to explore his sexuality to see what he prefers. I could care less that my friend dated a guy who was curious, or as my generation often say bi-curious. Though I do not care, Naomi did disclose others had a lot to say. When the relationship between Naomi and Andre was established, she felt the wrath of Tyler. He was hurt, rightfully so. Furthermore, Naomi was ridiculed for becoming serious with a guy, who others perceived to be gay because of his one-time sexcapade with a man.

What I can’t seem to comprehend is we live in a society of open-minded, freethinkers who are protesting right-wing conservatives. Hell, we elected the first Black president, we lobbied for the legalization of marijuana and marched for gay rights, so why it that a man cannot be awarded the same sexual exploration the way a woman is. Is this where the double standard for men arise? Today it’s, somewhat, normal for women to go through a bi-curious phase, yet we cannot engage in too many sexual acts without being labeled a hoe, a term I hate but that’s for another post.

Personally, I don’t think any of us have the right to say what’s appropriate or not. The only person who has that authority is Jesus. You don’t have to agree with an individual’s choice, but it’s not for you to judge.

Don’t judge anyone just because he/she sins differently from you.

I want to know you all thoughts! Comment or email me at theprimandperverse@gmail.com

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