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A Few Cool Guys Share Their Thoughts On BJs, Anal Sex and More

Since my first post on anal sex (you can read here), my guy friends have been harassing me to tell their point of view. So I contacted a few of my male masterminds and asked them each:

  • What are your thoughts on anal sex? Yay or nay? Explain.
  • What do you prefer more: regular BJs or a little tea bag action or both?
  • Describe the feeling, if there is a difference, between a regular BJ & tea bagging.
  • What's the best advice you can give women to help you climax in the  BJ, tea bagging and anal sex department (if that's your cup of Joe)

I decided to ask additional questions just to spice things up a notch. Without further delay, here is how a few cool guys view anal sex, blow jobs, etch (as told to me).

Let’s start with Chris aka Don. Though he is all for anal sex, he admits it can be a little difficult with an inexperienced lady. The Don, however, is not a big fan of his testes being serenaded because they're very sensitive.

Chris’ best advice: Two hands and real wet. Be creative! Don’t get your fingers broken or punched in the top of your head and things will go great.

On to Marcus. Marcus has no problem with participating in anal sex. To check if the female is up for the task, he’ll thumb the anus, while pleasuring his woman from behind. According to this Scorpio man, “if you can put a finger in it you can put your shaft in it, in theory.”

Marcus’ best advice: When you have found the “spot” don't try to find a new one! Work the hell out of that one spot until he’s done. Also, learn how to synchronize the hand jerking motion to correlate with your oral motion.

Next up is Evan. Evan recalled when performing oral on a woman and participating in anal sex was frowned upon. Having been raised in a West Indian culture has also attributed to his refusal to ever participate in both acts. However, as the years passed and he became more sexually active, certain things began to seem potentially fun. Today, the 26-year-old views anal sex as just another step in a relationship. He is aware in the West Indian culture it’s still viewed negatively.

His last words on the subject: So they mean to tell me that because I decided to put it in my WOMANS butt then I’m gay?  Oh, so I guess kissing her is gay too huh? She is a woman, I am a man. There is nothing wrong with what she allows me to do to her.

Evan’s best advice: Never, ever make it seem like it’s a chore or something. You can still look pretty while giving a blowjob lol.

Last, but certainly not least Jack. The 24-year-old is totally pro anal! When it came to being open-minded in the bedroom, Jack lacked the imagination needed, but that has all changed for the better. He has not only developed mentally with his sexual abilities, but also physically. As for oral and tea bagging, he prefers both. His testes do not need too much attention, but as long it gets some sort of affection (via hand or whatever) Jack’s a pleased man.

His last words: I really just like to allow her to do her own thing but if the attention is needed, I will gladly direct.

Jack’s best advice: The sloppier, the better but have a method! Do not behave like a toddler just wasting away drooling. Also, start slow! Use your lips, move that tongue and use your hands to stroke. EYE contact does it for me! Seductive and occasional conversation but not too much! Stroke my ego and ask me things! Pay attention to what my body reacts to.

Welp, there you have it ladies!

If you would like to share your advice email me at theprimandperverse@gmail.com.


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