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5 Things We Can Learn From Rita Ora

The Breakfast Club is probably the best morning show since Star & Buc Wild. Last week, Rita Ora stopped by the Breakfast Club. The 23-year-old, who has a great sense of humor, was very candid about her life. Here are a few things we can learn from her.

1. Never entertain your ex-boyfriend’s foolishness via social media. This one is a hard one. It’s always a challenge to not respond to rumors. However, like Rita said, “People react to things differently and like to express their feelings in certain ways. I don’t tend to use social media so when that whole situation [the breakup between her and Rob Kardashian] happened silence for me is the biggest form of flattery and I love to just kinda keep it moving unless I need to say something.” Do not give anyone, whether it’s an ex-boyfriend or an ex-friend, the validation of entertaining his or her negativity. 

2. Practice safe sex. Even after dating Calvin Harris for nearly a year, she still practices safe sex.

3. Never judge. Rita admitted to watching the Mimi & Nikko sex tape. Though she does not condone it [sex tape], she does not judge anyone for doing it. In her own words, “Get your money!”

4. Pain is good. Rita revealed she enjoys a little bit of pain during sex. She’s into props to make things a little exciting, like a whip. A little bit of bondage does her body good.

5. Follow your dreams. At 15-years-old the Albanian-born songstress dropped out of school to follow her dreams. She got a job and saved enough money to travel, play guitars and perform in pubs, bars, etc. Now I do not support dropping out of school, but I do encourage having the balls to go after your dreams, by any means necessary.

Oh and by the way did you all know she dated Bruno Mars? Rita has a nice little lineup of old beaus. You go girl!

To watch the full interview click here.

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