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4 Date Night Beauty Tips From Makeup Artist + Entrepreneur Angel Cherry

Finally that oh so delicious guy you’ve been drooling over for weeks has asked you out on a date. You’re frantic. You have no clue what to wear or how to apply that date night beauty look. Celebrity makeup artist Angel Cherry, founder of VOID, who serves the likes of fashionista Angela Simmons and Prince’s protégé Liv Warfield, dished to The Prim & Perverse how you can look sexy for that special night.

Prim & Perverse: What’s the best way to transform your makeup from day to night?

 Oh my God! This is my favorite! You really just need eyeliner. Really, like your eyeliner can be your smoky eye. You can literally do any color eyeliner and turn that day to night….sometimes you’ll do a blue on the bottom or even black you can just take that liner pop it out do it a little thicker on the top lid take your finger smudge it out (make sure you clean that finger up because you know it will get every where) and that can literally be your day to night.

 Prim & Perverse: What are your go-to date night makeup ideas? List three.

 Glitter & shimmer at night I think it’s so fun!

Liner! The more color with liner like a nice cat eye and that’s trendy too!

Of course lipstick!

Prim & Perverse: What’s the best way to stay sexy all night with your makeup?

Making sure you have a powder. You get oily and shiny and then with pictures that’s not too cute so get you some powder. My favorite is actually from Cover FX.

Prim & Perverse: Best lipstick that would last throughout date night?

It would be Sephora’s lip stains.

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