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Fellas:There's Levels to this Phuckboy Shit + Ladies:How to Spot One

Fellas:There's Levels to this Phuckboy Shit + Ladies:How to Spot One

Photo via  Unsplash

Photo via Unsplash

We women just bond. Traditionally speaking, women are more proficient than men at all forms of communication. Once seen as gatherers as well as having the responsibility for bearing and raising children, it was essential for us to build a friendship with other women. Although we have evolved into so much more than just mothers and wives, our communication and bonding instincts in friendships remain the same.

Take me and my friends for instance. We speak quite often. Even if one relocates across country, we continue to make the time to have girl chat. Most recently, during our many girl chats regarding men, my sister-wife Kisha and I found ourselves discussing phuckboys (which is always a great topic to delve in). For those of you unaware what a phuckboy is, according to Vanity Fair, “a phuckboy is a young man who sleeps with women without any intention of having a relationship with them or perhaps even walking them to the door post-sex. He’s a womanizer, an especially callous one, as well as kind of a loser.” While this is not the only definition, it’s the one I like the most.  While discussing the many phuckboys we’ve encountered on our quest to find love, I said to her there are levels to this phuckboy shit, and she chuckled in agreeance.

Ladies, think about it. A guy who you deem to be a “10,” you’re more likely to deal with his bullshit and phuckboy tendencies compared to let’s say a “four” or “five” (you know I’m right). Moral of the story fellas, don’t be a “five” with a “10” phuckboy qualities. But more importantly ladies, know how to spot a phuckboy. See below for 11 ways to know you’ve stumbled upon a phuckboy.

1.     He doesn’t believe in labels. If this ain’t the number one warning sign telling you to get the hell out of there, then I don’t know what is.

2.      Likes your Instagram posts, but doesn’t text you back.

3.     Uses Snapchat as his preferred method of communication.

4.     He asks you to send him photos, sometimes he’s even bold enough to ask for nudes because he is only priority to feed his phuckboy ways. Keep in mind for eveyr nude you decide to send, he has dozens more filling his DMs.

5.     And what’s worst then asking for photos? Sending unsolicited dick picks.

6.     You have never been on a date (no Netflix and chill doesn’t count). If he’s too busy, and opts to not make the time for you (because let’s be real we make time for what we want to make time for) then obviously you’re just a sidepiece for this phuckboy.

7.     When you do spend time together his phone is constantly blowing up with notifications, Snapchats, texts from other girls, and he’s vague AF when you inquire about how many other women he’s seeing.

8.     And then when you confront him he says everything you want to hear, but makes no real change, because phuckboys do what they want to do.

9.     He has no real job or no ambition to escape the job he has been stuck in for years, even though all he does is complain every single damn day on how much he hates his life.

10. He thinks “All women are crazy.” *rolls eyes classic phuckboy*

11. Ladies, and if you meet a guy in the bar and he offers to buy you a drink, but then insists you buy him one, he’s a phuckboy. You should immediately exist stage left or expect the above-mentioned to happen to you. 

Written by Nikki Shariee
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