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Are You At Risk? The New Condition Affecting Gen Y

Since December 2007 the American economy has experienced a grueling recession. Because of the recession, more and more college graduates are struggling to find and maintain a full-time employment in their desired career field. In June 2012 the Huffington Post reported, according to Credit Sesame, an online financial management tool, only 31 percent of recent college graduates are making a reasonable salary in their position. Seventeen percent of recent college graduates remain financially dependent on their parents (does that ring-a-bell to anyone?) and only 40 percent are employed full-time in the field they studied.

Many of my peers and I can all attest to the difficulties of securing employment in the field we’ve studied. While I’ve been lucky enough to snag freelance opportunities, there are countless others who has not. Though it is evident the recession has changed the job market for the worst, new analysis suggests those from Generation Y (like myself) are not underemployed, but lazy and suffers from the entitlement syndrome. Just six months ago, Forbes magazine reported as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Y, who are highly savvy in the social media realm, many will opt out of working for a corporation that limits their social media freedom.


Although I don’t know whom these so-called graduates are that are choosing to be underemployed and broke, there are a growing amount of individuals who agree Gen Y suffers from the entitlement syndrome. I on the other hand have been highly offended by this purported image. Nearly two years following graduation I never imagined the strenuous challenge I would endure to find an entry-level position in the communication field.  With Sallie Mae payments forthcoming, I decided to obtain a position in retail. While working at Lord and Taylor, the oldest upscale specialty-retail department store, I meet a woman who happened to be the director of special events and publicity at the New York Post. In just two weeks the woman agreed to meet with me. I was given the opportunity to meet at the New York Post and I completely bombed the opportunity with all capital letters.

After feeling like an utter failure, I realized perhaps the other generations are right. Not all, but many of us do suffer from the entitlement syndrome. I believed because I maintained an above average GPA, graduated with honors and had pertinent work experience, I was entitled to a glamorous career. I completely overlooked what I was doing wrong, which may have possibly been the reason I was underemployed.

Listen up Gen Y: Your entitlement syndrome may be the reason you are making frivolous mistakes. You may also come across to employers as a know-it-all. Lets face it: NO ONE WANTS TO HIRE A KNOW-IT-ALL!

In Glamour magazine’s March issue an article discussed how bosses are complaining about “deservers.” According to the author, deservers are defined as those who expect the big job, big paycheck and big title way before they actually qualify for it. If my own real world experience and other reading materials did not sway me enough, this particular article definitely was the last bit of evidence I needed. Perhaps my generation is doomed if we don’t find a cure for this syndrome soon. So now you’re asking well then what is the cure? Or at least what medication can we use to make it dormant? Hell, I am still trying to figure out my prognosis, but stay tuned!

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