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Happy National Masturbation Day: 4 Surprising Facts About Masturbation + More

For the entire month of May, The Prim & Perverse will be celebrating National Masturbation Month. More importantly, today we observe National Masturbation Day, which is also commemorated again on May 28th. The first National Masturbation Day was celebrated in 1995.

To help kick off our month-long celebration and protect the right to masturbate, I reached out to friend of the blog America’s OB-GYN Dr. Drai. He shared a few surprising facts about masturbation, basic instructions to masturbate and more.

  1. Are there health benefits to masturbating?

Yes, it prevents men from getting Prostate Cancer AND it exercises the penis so you can get harder and last longer. It boosts your mood; you knows helps you feel good. It's safe as well. Masturbation helps you explore your body so you can tell others how to please you.

  1. A lot of women may not know how to masturbate, what are the basic instructions to masturbate and effectively reach an orgasm?

Find a quiet room, lock the door, light some candles, play some soft music and explore your body. Play with your nipples. Don't forget about your clitoris. Add a sex toy to the mix.

  1. What are the best toys you would suggest for beginners?

Vibrators are best; put one on your clitoris and watch it grow.

  1. What are the best toys you would suggest for someone who wants to spice masturbation up?

The Rabbit- it stimulates your clitoris while allowing penetration.

  1. Can it help relieve menstrual cramps?

Yes, orgasms help with cramps.

  1. Does it really help improve the muscle tone of your pelvic area?

Yes; think of masturbation as exercise for your pelvic floor.

  1. Does it really helps flush out bacteria in your pelvic area?

Urinating flushes out bacteria; remember to pee after sex.

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